Gay Games

The gay games  is the world’s largest sports and cultural event open to all, the Gay Games have created and nurtured a movement that has become among the greatest forces for community empowerment and social change , supporting diversity inclusion and tolerance.

A world class sporting and gay cultural event the games a held every four years. Everyone is welcome regardless of sexual orientation, ability, gender or race. The games are intended to build bridges between heterosexual and gay sports. The core mission of the gay games is to promote equality of human beings. The Gay Games were founded in San Francisco in 1982, and have since taken place in 7 countries including USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, France and Hong Kong. In 2018 over 10,000 people participated in 36+ sports in Paris.

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The Next Gay Games no11 – Hong Kong 2022

Hong Kong is an iconic and world-class city and is one of the most significant global financial centres. Hong Kong’s enchanting neighbourhoods and islands offer a sensory feast. From the harbour and mountains, unrivaled transport infrastructure, wide range of sport facilities, entertainment venues and huge accommodation capacity Hong Kong can cater for every requirement of the Gay Games’ events. Hong King is the first Asian city to bid for the games. Hong Kong is expecting 15,000 participants and over 25,000 spectators

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