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608, 2019

America Calls For Candice Keller’s Resignation

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In a Facebook Post Candice Keller Blamed Everyone but The Gun and Gunman For Americas Mass Shootings Why not place the blame where it belongs “drag Queen Advocates” and “recreational Marijuana” “homosexual Marriage,” Keller says. According to the New York Times the chairman of the state republican party called for Candice Keller to resign. Keller made these remarks in a facebook post  which was subsequently taken down and no longer available to the public.  Ms Keller's remarks have drawn a viral backlash on social media many calling for her resignation. WHIO reports "Ohio Rep. Candice Keller is now being [...]

608, 2019

Candice Keller Ohio Claims Homosexuality One Reason For Mass Shootings

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Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller Blames Mass Shootings on Open Borders, Homosexuality, Video Games NBC4  reported yesterday that an Ohio state lawmaker who lives just miles from the location of the mass shooting in which 27 people were injured has made outrageous claims in a now deleted post on social media. Candice Keller says "Why not place the blame where it belongs?" going on to say "The breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage and drag queen advocates". CNN  reports the gunman wearing a bullet proof vest [...]

208, 2019

Hunted LGBTQ Activist Elena Grigoryeva – Suspect Arrested

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Suspect Arrested by Police - Hunted and Fatally Stabbed LGBT Activist Elena Grigoryeva 02/08/2019 NBC News has reported that a suspect has been arrested by police in relation to Russian LGBT activist  Elena Grigoryeva's fatal stabbing which occurred  on July 20 2019. It is reported that Elana was listed on a website that rewarded those that 'hunt' gays with prizes. Russian police have detained a suspect in a horrific hate crime in which Elena Grigoryeva was stabbed eight times in the face and back on the evening of July 20. The major crimes agency arrested a man in relation [...]

208, 2019

Malaysia Censors Gay Sex Scenes Rocketman

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Malaysia has Censored Gay Sex Scenes In 'Rocketman' 08/01/2019 Huffington post reported yesterday that Malaysia has censored gay sex scenes in 'Rocketman" an epic musical movie about the incredible story of Elton John’s breakthrough years. The film takes us on Elton Johns journey of transformation into an international superstar. The film is packed with our most beloved Elton songs, telling the story of a small town boy that became one of the worlds most iconic pop stars. Film critics in Malaysia have taken to social media to criticise the cuts. The scenes removed include scenes depicting gay sex and [...]

2707, 2019

Bishop Says Homosexuality Transmitted By Women Enjoying Anal

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Cyprus Bishop Claims Homosexuality is Problem Transferred by Mother. Is he a Friend of Folou? Cyprus Bishop of Morphou Neophytos has made claims when speeking at a primary school that homosexuality is a problem transferred by women that enjoy anal sex. The Cyprus bishop says Saint Proyros writes about this. "This is a problem transmitted by parents to child" the bishop says. The bishop go's on to make ridiculous statements that this "problem" occurs when a couple has sex while the woman is pregnant, and the sex is "unnatural" as he categorises anal sex. Apparently the bishop claims 'Saint [...]

2407, 2019

Alan Turing Gay Genius to Feature on £50 Note

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Alan Turing Gay Man to Feature on £50 Note Alan Turing was a giant of the 20th century. Genius is a word, used far too often, to describe that which is merely just above average. Turing was a genius in the true sense of the word. It is estimated that his work shortened WWII by 2 years and saved 14 million lives. Other Turing achievements include advancement in maths which led the electrotechnical machine which deciphered the enigma code used by the Germans in WWII. The work with computers also led to many of the advancements we currently enjoy, [...]

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