2012 Toyota 86 GT




It was a tough job this year. The panel met over many drinks and hundreds of hours we spent on phone calls, and drinks, and nibbles.

The 3 finalists were:

Honda CRZ

Peugeot RCZ (last year’s winner)

Toyota 86

You’ll notice the 3 contenders are all sports cars. What a shock for a website dedicated to cars for gay boys. We don’t have kids so we don’t have to be practical. We can choose car just for us. We can choose to be self-obsessed in our choices for the cars we drive. Why would we lust after a family sedan unless it had masses of power with which we could impress our friends?

Looks are important. Each of the 3 have drop-dead stunning looks but are different in their own ways. Each offers an owner a mix of head-turning good looks and performance mixed with fuel economy that doesn’t make you want to hang your head in shame. I’ve taken a thumping V8 to a Sunday arvo BBQ and although everyone wants a drive, no one wants to pay the fuel bill. Isn’t that interesting? Also when driving around in each of our finalists elicits looks from passers-by. I noticed looks from lots of ordinary folk at traffic light too. Those blokes in the family cars wished and hoped that they could slip behind the wheel but each knew it wouldn’t cut the mustard in family central. They are right of course.

By a small amount, Honda’s CRZ won on fuel consumption. It also gathered looks from admirers whenever its wheels had stopped rotating. The RCZ is miraculous in its stance on the road, and when you’ve not seen one for a while, and one passes you on the street, you fall in love with it all over again. The Toyota harkens back to a time when Celica, MR2 and Toyota 2000GT were fresh in our minds. You get just a little lump in your throat as I whizzes off into the distance.

Perhaps it’s because the 86 is new. Perhaps it’s because we had eagerly anticipated the arrival of it, we all leaned towards 86 each time we ticked off the attributes. We all sighed little sighs with each viewing of a dog-eared print, well OK a website. In the end we all greed and as Mrs Slocomb would say “and I am unanimous in this”

It is therefore not a shock that we announce with a degree of pride that the winner of the Car Of The Year this year is the superb 86 from Toyota.

You can read about each of the cars we chose as finalists in reviews from throughout the last 12 months.

Why not less us know what you think of our choice?


Winner: Toyota 86

2012 Toyota 86 GTSHonda CR-Z luxury side viewrcz-pearl-white-side-2

Top: Toyota 86

Middle: Honda CRZ

ottom: Peugeot RCZ