This is the Lexus I have this week so I thought I would share a few tings in anticipation. I went out for dinner tonight and although it is the middle of winter, the car was cozy inside. Half way through the evening I took a friend for a spin around the block, but things felt just a smidge wrong. We ran over a cats-eye marking the end of a white line and it thudded so loud I thought a wheel had come adrift. We pulled into the drive where the CT sat until well after 10.30pm.

By now it was really nippy in  the beachside suburb of Maroubra. It was dark, really dark and the waves were crashing into the beach like thunder from hell. I pushed the go button and glided silently into the dark, but now things really went badly wrong. There was an odd bumping noise so I rounded the corner and looked for somewhere to stop. The night was dark and for some reason the street light here was out. As I reversed parked, there was a grinding noise which turned out to be a brick someone had left in the gutter taking the finish off the front passengers mag wheel. NOT HAPPY JAN!!.

i went round to check the damage and sure enough the was a few grazes on the edge, Perfect! But the tyre was OK. I checked the rest of the tyres just in case because that’s about the limit of my knowledge for bumping noise-fixing. The drivers front wheel seemed lower than usual. You can see from the pic that there isn’t much rubber anyway. I got on my knees with my Iphone and sure enough it was indeed flat. Bugger….

I rummaged through the back and after some fiddling, got the jack from its hidey-hole but just could not find the right spot at the front. By now I was chilled through as it was about 11c and my fingers were not as nimble as they had been 5 minutes before. After 10 frustrating minutes of feeling my way round underneath, I took the executive decision ring Lexus Assistance while I still had juice in the phone.

I flicked through the books 3 or 4 times but there is no mention of the Lexus Assistance phone number. It was nowhere to be found and it was getting colder by the second. Half an hour had passed and I had more than enough of being blasted by ice cold sea air. The whole thing was wearing very thin.

Finally I did what I should have done in the first place and called directory assistance but no luck there either. There was much sighing so I did what all wayward motorists do, ring the Auto Club and hope for the best. Most car companies offering roadside assist use the local auto clubs so it’s a reasonable bet that they are going to be able to steer me right. The nice lady at NRMA could indeed help with Lexus’ number and went as far as to put me through.

After another 20 minutes the nice man from the NRMA had the wheels changed and with a friendly wave sent me on my way. It took almost until I got home to warm up but I learned a valuable lesson and that is don’t try and change a tyre in the dark. For good measure it wouldn’t hurt to know the roadside assistance number for every car you drive. I’d still be standing on the side of the road now had it not been for the nice lady at NRMA, my Iphone, Lexus Roadside Assist, and a thought that occurred to me about 25 minutes after it should have!