UPDATE: IOS5 has done awful things to the interface. It’s not just with Volvo, but many other GPS and Bluetooth units. Apple is working on a fix. If you’ve noticed you battery life on the Iphone/Ipad has gone south, Apple noticed too and are working on it. If you media streaming and/or ipod dock no longer work correctly, Apple are aware and are on the case. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RATHER MORE HELPFUL HAD APPLE NOTCED THIS BEFORE RUSHING IOS 5 TO MARKET WITH ILL CONCEIVED INCLUSIONS AND DREADFUL SIDE EFFECTS.

My Iphone 4 has Navigon. I put an address in and the phone is muted! HELP! Volvo can’t help, Navigon says it an Apple problem and Apple says its Navigon or  Volvo, but  in any case certainly NOT Iphone.  Iphone never goes wrong! Yeah right!

I’ve driven a lot  of cars and there are very few I haven’t liked. This week I am in the Volvo  S60 so keep your eyes peeled for  the pearls  of wisdom to follow.

My problem was a simple one: some of the cars I get don’t have (can you believe it) Satnav installed. Not to worry because the trusty iPhone has been equipped with Navigon. But I have been driven to distraction after entering the destination and starting the navigation and finding the sound had vanished. I checked the volume and the mute but no joy. Not even the Ipod played. this is where the luck  happened. Until now I had been restarting my iPhone. this seemed to fix the problem for a while but like a bad penny it would return to haunt me.

It happened again today. I tried everything including plugging the cord in to the USB connection. I discovered that if I switched the phone source back to “Iphone” the sound came back. I  then thought if this was the case, perhaps switching the infotainment to “Media Streaming”  and the Iphone to Volvo, I might get it to play through the cars’ speakers, and hey presto, there were my directions, IPhone tones and music playing via the Volvo’s media system. It was magnificent. St Kylie of Minogue was briefly interrupted so Navigon could relay some sensible instructions. Right on cue, a message tone alerted me to the arrival  of some very important texts. Like magic my problem is solved. Here is the Janet and John bit:

Problem: Iphone with Navigon goes silent when destination entered. (no music, Navigon or phone sounds)

Fix: If the car has Media Streaming, try either disabling the Bluetooth Media connection, or switch the cars’ infotainment system to the Media Streaming (or Bluetooth Streaming)

Hope this helps some other poor sole who has been tearing their  hair  out!