Holden Volt (10)

The aim this week is to use the Volt as a primary mode of transport as it might be used by the average couple. This will demonstrate how the electric car does in the real world and so far it has done very well.

It conveyed us to a luxury top-end Danish audio maker, Bang and Olufsen, for the release of two new products. There were a few who noticed and asked after the Volt. Most people don’t know what it is yet so the early interest is encouraging. We came away full as state school port racks but I was being chauffeured by a responsible adult so all was well.

I usually seek the opinions of friends and neighbours especially on brand new models. It helps to have different views which either confirm or challenge the thinking . So far the feedback has been all good. All who have tasted Volt have spoken well of her.

Most days the Volt has stayed on charge to ensure as much range as possible. A buyer with a private garage would have a charging unit at home to make things simpler. You would only need to make a few movements in order to get the charge going.

My only problem was the morning failed to have the car fully charged. Whether someone had interfered with the process is unknown but it was connected and working at the time we entered the car park. We’ll keep an eye on this over the next few days.

The panel fit is a bit how’s-your-father in places including the centre on the dash near the windscreen. This panel houses the charging light and headlight sensor. The ends of the panel do not quite match up at either end. The exterior has similar issues but none is such as would prevent you from buying the car.

The drive is still as amazing as on day one. The whisper quite acceleration is as dramatic as it is silent. I love it!