Today I used the petrol engine for the first time. I seem to have developed a problem with my charging. Well, not my charging but rather that of my trusty sidekick, the Volt. I’ll say it one more time, the petrol engine never drives the wheels. The Volt is an electric car with a small petrol engine which will run to charge the batteries if needs be.

The last two nights have seen the charge achieve only a 50k limit or thereabouts. I thought I was doing something wrong but how could that be? You set the charge rate to maximum, plug her in, then walk away no more to pay. However I seem to have been running on half empty. I ran it right down to the petrol engine so I was sure the battery was drained. The little petrol engine is undetectable unless you really push hard. It operates similarly to a diesel electric loco in that mode.

I’ve just come up from the car park to find it had only charged to 68 k’s limit this time,, so I was about to pull my hair out then I remembered something: The green dashboard light meant to flash at full charge was not lit at all. That means the power had been turned off. In other words someone had switched off the power point. This highlights a further issue which is although the charger is alarmed there is nothing stopping someone from turning the switch off. It’s a communal power point so the body corp pays the bill but there is no choice in unit blocks with secure communal garages. There is no power point able to be charged to a particular unit. This might well result in animosity from other owners. Moreover, if you don’t have a garage at all where would you charge? Would you drape an extension cord across the front lawn?

How annoying is it though that someone can ruin your day by being malicious.