Holden Volt (8)

On the left hand side of the boot is the charging unit you’ll be using at home

Holden Volt (6)Holden Volt (3)

The Above units are the kind you’ll find in public charging stations.


PPSSSST I picked up the shiny new Holden Volt today and thought I’d share first impressions with you.

Nice on the road.

Decent acceleration.

Eerily quiet.

Menu system is crazy complex. It’s going to require reading the manual, something boys hate doing.

Charging station quite heavy. The length of cord from the power point to the unit is only about 50cms so if the power point isn’t near floor level the several kilo station is hanging by the cord from the power point.

In a underground car park I’d worry about the charger being stolen. Why isn’t the charger in the car and only a cord going to the wall?

I’ve only plugged it in once and I’m over it already. Hopefully the fuel savings are worth it.

The charger always charges at 6 volts so you must go into the menu every time you charge to force it to fast charge at 10 volts. It nearly halves the time

In a unit complex where do you charge it? If you don’t have a garage where will you charge it? If the charger is used at the curb it’s bound to be stolen.

I found it hard to get the air cond working on auto.

I worry that the complex systems might put non-techno-heads off a bit.

The electric motor drives the wheels at all times so in elecrtic mode there is no noise inside at all.

I like the interior but would prefer it a bit less fussy.