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Holden’s new long range electric car, the Holden Volt has been given the Green Innovation Award in the Drive Car of the Year Awards.

Already an award-winning car around the globe, Volt was the unanimous winner of the award, as judged by Drive’s panel of motoring experts.

Dubbed the long range electric car, the Holden Volt features unique range extension technology that offers an electric range of up to 87 kilometres that can be extended to a total range of over 600 kilometres through an on board petrol generator that maintains the charge in the battery, to keep you going.

Unlike some other electric cars, Volt recharges from a regular household socket and costs as little as a cup of coffee for a full charge.

Holden Marketing Manager for Small, Medium and Electric Cars, Emma Pinwill said Volt has won a legion of fans around the world, and is fast making its impact on Australian consumers.

“Holden Volt’s innovative and game-changing approach to sustainable motoring really resonates with consumers, which is why we chose Volt to spearhead our recent brand advertising campaign,” she said.

“It is already a proven world-beater and has won numerous awards internationally for its advanced technology propulsion, so it’s exciting to see Volt acknowledged by Australian motoring experts as well.

“Volt really is a no compromise electric vehicle.  It offers a truly unique driving experience with a cutting edge user interface system and active safety features which are new to the Holden line-up.”
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About Volt The Holden Volt is now on sale. A game-changing electric vehicle (EV) with extended-range capability it can recharge in less than six hours via a regular household outlet (10A charge). It has an electric range of up to 87km and with its petrol generator, has a combined range of more than 600km. To view video of how Volt works visit: http://holdenhq.com.au/holden-volt-how-it-works/