Israel Folau was sacked by Rugby Australia for recent homophobic social media comments. Today, Folau took his sacking to the Fair Work Commission which then ruled against him.

Cranky Folau vowed to take the matter to the courts.

He contends that his homophobic social media posts were merely an expression of religious freedom. The ultra-conservative Christian started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the upcoming battle. GoFundMe terminated the campaign after finding it contravened their terms and conditions.

It appears that while they demand the right to discriminate, the religious types also demand the safety that anti-discrimination laws bring.

The hypocrisy continued when The ACL, AKA Australian Christian Lobby, started their own campaign on Folau’s behalf. It was later paused a short while later. The appeal had reacherd the $2million mark.

ACL became sensitive when questions were raised about the original $3million target. Concerns were raised about how much was actually needed to take the matter to court. Some thought the money could be better spent on the poor and hungry. Other were offended that a seemingly wealthy sports star was unable to pay for the crusade himself.

The ACL thought it much more important to rally against common decency than to defend the sick and needy.

It seems the extreme lobby group for conservative Christians has a glass jaw when their motives are questioned. The ACL was most vociferous during the recent Marriage Equality survey. Their anti-gay-marriage stance is well known, citing the bible as, well, their bible.

They claimed homosexual behaviour leads to paedophilia, like is does in the churches. They further claimed it would lead to bestiality. Presumably all of their sexual experience happens in a church of some kind.

Following the bible as they do,  they no doubt favour stoning women to death for adultery, and for wearing clothes made of different threads. They would also be firmly against eating meat and milk on the same plate, and would avoid salt, for fear of being turned into a pillar of it.

The appear obsessed by the bed partners of others.

Religious zealots demand the right to dictate how others live their lives, yet insist they themselves be allowed to follow their beliefs.

Watch this space as we follow Israel Folau to court. A finding against him would set a precedent, and serves him right.

We wait in antici……..pation.