Honda’s new system of an agency-style sales process has been a hit with staff and customers alike.

Many gay buyers have told us they dislike the haggling process. They dislike going back and forth between the sales person and sales manager, only to be told that other buyers are interested. That process is eliminated by a fixed price model, leaving no need to barter. Both buyer and seller know exactly what they’ll be in for as the sale proceeds.

“Through our new ‘live’ customer feedback system, we’ve seen 89 per cent of customers strongly agree that buying a new Honda was exceptionally easy, while 87 per cent gave the new sales experience a top rating of 9 or 10 out of 10”, said Mr. Stephen Collins, Director, Honda Australia.

“November was actually the first full month of relatively normal trading conditions for our new national network of Honda Centres, especially in the key metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Sydney, which resulted in more sales contracts signed and more cars delivered to customers, as well as an increased level of customer enquiries.”