How Australia’s Religious Discrimination Bill Rips at Australian Politics.

GayCarBoys covers all manner of stories, mainly about cars, but when we see an injustice perpetuated against LGBTI people, we get angry.

It is no secret that Australia has moved right, and kept moving in that direction. In fact, the extreme right has taken over, resulting in such abominations as the Marriage Equality Survey. This survey asked the public whether they thought gays and lesbians should be have the right to marry.

The Ultra wing government could have simply passed the law but chose to abrogate their responsibility instead.

In my lifetime, gay sex was illegal. When Australia was taken over by the British in the late 18th C, laws such as the 1533 Buggery Act came with them. It fueled the hatred of gays which still permeates through 21st century Australia today.

My home state of Queensland decriminalized “homosexual acts” in 1991, little more than 30 years ago. Since then, Australian’s have seen the passing of a bill allowing gay marriage as well.

At the heart of the anti-gay sentiment is religion, the very same organisations now demanding their right to continue their discrimination. They’ve lost the battle to persecute gays and lesbians, and have turned their cynical attention to our trans brothers and sisters.

In particular, the religious conservatives want give schools the right to expel trans students, and fire trans teachers. The bible is quoted in support, but this highlights the willingness of bible readers to ignore passages that do not fit their bigoted view, namely: the wearing of clothes made of mixed thread, the stoning of women, and the extreme prosecution of “adulterers”. A casual glance finds many other such examples, none of which are tolerable in 21st century society.