In a continuation of my diary, this week I’m in a Polestar 2.

Yesterday, I told you all about the misery of trying to find a charger that was fast, and that worked.

The Chargefox Ultra Fast NRMA units are 350kw and would do a top up to 80% in mere jiffs, but it  transpires that the Zetland units have been out of order for months, and for such vital infrastructure that is shabby in the extreme.

The 50kw Chargefox was in use, and there was someone waiting. This is turning in to a curse as EVs become the norm, and highlights an urgent reconsideration of government policy.

I closed yesterday’s episode with the fact that there is an Audi 50kw unit 100 metres away, with its parking spots clearly labelled, “e-Tron”, and that I’d nip back later for a top up.

I duly did this to prepare for a fun day on the road. 70% to 90% took around 20 minutes, for $6.05. the 20% top up means that a full charge is around $30 at this public charger price. There is a rider on this, and that is that every fast and ultra-fast charger will go as fast as it can, to 80%. From then on the rate is limited in order to preserve the battery life. A trickle charge overnight would set you with 100% ready for a road trip.

Obviously I could have walked home the few blocks, to leave the car for a couple of hours to reach 100%, but I sat in the car for 20 minutes, watching PLEX streaming videos from my home TV server. I viewed it on my phone with sound through the Harmon Kardon.

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t rest the phone against the infotainment screen if the Charging Menu is open. It is at just the right height to reach the “Unlock Cable: button which also stops the charging.

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