Driving a car, especially a posh one like a BMW, should be a pleasure. Arriving should be an event, and when you get to where you’re going, the last thing you want to do is get a nasty gravel rash on those expensive alloys.

All parking assistants are the same, right?

Funny you should ask, because no, they are not all the same.

Some need the driver to shift gears and operate the brakes and accelerator, some do the lot, including the steering and gears. Genesis even gives the driver the option of being in, or outside the car. You have to keep your finger on a button, but the car does the work.

BMW have taken things a little further by making the entire shebang 100% automated. The only thing the driver has to do is activate the system and select which parking spot he or she wants.

ABOVE: 2022 BMW M440i X Drive (self parking video) 

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