What is Smart Entry/Start?

Smart entry is an in car system that allows drivers to open their cars without using a key.

use the button or ridges to lock car doors

The key fob is sensed by the vehicle. Either by pushing a button of touching a sensor on the door, the car will lock. Unlocking is either by pressing a button, or touching the inside surface of the door handle.

A quick way of telling whether or not your car has smart entry is to take a look at the driver’s door handle.

If it has a small rubber button, or a ridged marking or indentation, it has smart entry.

You might also need to activate it in the infotainment system. Features, including blind spot, lighting, lane departure, and of course smart entry, can be fettled in the menu systems.

A driver can also choose which doors are unlocked. Either all doors, or only the driver’s door can unlock.

Some brands off this feature on all doors including the hatch or boot, but it is more common to have only the front doors and boot with smart entry.

The boot can be programmed to unlock just the boot, or by opening the boot, all doors unlock as well.

Finally, the hatch or boot may have a second button which will lock all doors. If not, the driver will have to relock the car by using the fob, or the button on the front doors.

Full use, as always, will be listed in the user manual whether the paper version in the glove box, or electronic version such as that in the BMW X2 M35i we used in this video.

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