2019 HSV Sportscat Look Pack Road Test, Review


Holden released Colorado a quite some while ago. Since then, it has even given it a midlife nip and tuck.

HSV took the nip one step further to give us this, rather spectacular Sportscat. Sexy isn’t it?



We’ve reviewed Colorado many times and liked it very much.

None of the standard Colorados come with cooee of the HSV version for looks. Although HSV hasn’t touched the engine, Sportscat isn’t just a bit of lippy and a nice hat

It oozes testosterone from every pore.

If Sportscat personified, he would be a besuited 007 type, with rakish good looks. He’d buy you a martini, after purloining your purse to pay for it. He’d laugh, pat you on the back, then hand your watch back, with a wry grin.

He is a cad and a bounder, and has three levels of trim:


They are: Sportscat, Sportscat “look pack” and Sportscat+. They share a 147kw 2.8 turbo diesel power plant, with 440Nm of torque. Interestingly, there is 500Nm with the automatic transmission models. That’s a $2,200 optional extra thank you very much.

  • high ride height,
  • wide wheel track,
  • Cooper Zeon LTZ Sports All-terrain tyres
  • unique fascia and grille,
  • fender flares,
  • bonnet bulge,
  • hard tonneau and 18” forged alloys. 

Colorado SportsCat (manual) $60,790

Colorado SportsCat “Look Pack” (manual) $62,490

Colorado SportsCat+ (manual) $66,790

Extras at cost:

  • 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Active Select $2,200
  • Sail Plane (SportsCat “Look Pack” & SportsCat+ only) $1,300
  • SupaShock suspension (SportsCat+ only) $3,600
  • Prestige Paint (Dark Shadow & Mineral Black) $550
  • Tub-liner $300
  • Load Master $795
  • Eye-Bolt $75
  • Load Rack $647


hsv-colorado-sportscat-small (1).jpg