2019 HSV Sportscat Look Pack Road Test, Review


Holden released Colorado a quite some while ago. Since then, it has even given it a midlife nip and tuck.

HSV took the nip one step further to give us this, rather spectacular Sportscat. Sexy isn’t it?



We’ve reviewed Colorado many times and liked it very much.

None of the standard Colorados come with cooee of the HSV version for looks. Although HSV hasn’t touched the engine, Sportscat isn’t just a bit of lippy and a nice hat

It oozes testosterone from every pore.

If Sportscat personified, he would be a besuited 007 type, with rakish good looks. He’d buy you a martini, after purloining your purse to pay for it. He’d laugh, pat you on the back, then hand your watch back, with a wry grin.

He is a cad and a bounder, and has three levels of trim:


They are: Sportscat, Sportscat “look pack” and Sportscat+. They share a 147kw 2.8 turbo diesel power plant, with 440Nm of torque. Interestingly, there is 500Nm with the automatic transmission models. That’s a $2,200 optional extra thank you very much.

  • high ride height,
  • wide wheel track,
  • Cooper Zeon LTZ Sports All-terrain tyres
  • unique fascia and grille,
  • fender flares,
  • bonnet bulge,
  • hard tonneau and 18” forged alloys. 

Colorado SportsCat (manual) $60,790

Colorado SportsCat “Look Pack” (manual) $62,490

Colorado SportsCat+ (manual) $66,790

Extras at cost:

  • 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Active Select $2,200
  • Sail Plane (SportsCat “Look Pack” & SportsCat+ only) $1,300
  • SupaShock suspension (SportsCat+ only) $3,600
  • Prestige Paint (Dark Shadow & Mineral Black) $550
  • Tub-liner $300
  • Load Master $795
  • Eye-Bolt $75
  • Load Rack $647


hsv-colorado-sportscat-small (1).jpg

You might think that, starting at 60 grand, the cabin might feel luxurious, but it isn’t. The Interior leaves no doubt that you’re in a commercial ute.

Colorado shares DNA with the Holden Trailblazer SUV. Think of Colorado as a Trailblazer with a tub instead of a rear cargo hold. They both have a neat, but slightly industrial feeling.

It is still a reasonably nice place to be, with controls laid out sensibly. Steering wheel controls and talks fall easily to hand. You can make phone calls, deal with message, and select music, using CarPlay and Hey Siri

HSV has waved a fairy wand over the bits that are easy to change, so there are nicer “SV Sports seats” in Jasmine leather and Windsor suede. There is no lumbar adjustment and I found the seats to poke out too far in the middle of the back.


The leather and suede have also been used lavished with gay abandon on the dash and doors. It has been done in the style of the HSV Commodores which is a nice nod the cars of the past. It adds a much-needed softness to cabin while keeping the commercial uses in mind.

Plastic around the dash and centre console feels hard by comparison. This is where you might expect the harder wearing areas to be. Sportscat probably won’t be called upon to too much off-roading which is just as well. Mud and suede don’t mix.

Seats are relatively comfortable but could use lumbar adjustment. They tend to be firm at the bottom of the backrest and those not needing that support will find they have to make the backrest more upright. The driver’s seat has powered adjustment, so it is easy to fettle the settings while on the move.

Rear leg room is adequate. For such a large vehicle, you’d hope for more, most LCVs are the same. They keep as much room as possible for the big rear tray which is where it counts most.

Power outlets are well placed, but there could be a few more given the fact that tradies are power-thirsty.

There are plenty of cubby holes, cup, and bottle holders.


Sportscat has all the Holden Colorado My-Link features such as Apple CarPlay, 4WD, Collision warning, and a decent audio system controlled through Holden’s touch screen.

Sound from the speakers is nice and clear, and with DAB gives passengers the option of either digital radio, or streaming music from their phones.

“The rugged styling cues of the SportsCat+ model have been exceptionally well received by customers and HSV dealers alike. The introduction of the “Look Pack” now provides buyers with three distinctive SportsCat specification and pricing alternatives to suit their work and lifestyle requirements”, said HSV’s Managing Director, Tim Jackson.

Our car was the mid-range Sportscat “look pack”. That means it looks like a Sportscat+ without the HSV’s fancy Rear De-coupling Anti-Roll Bar and premium AP Racing brake package.

It has all the Sportscat+ additions including unique fascia, grille, fender flares, bonnet bulge, hard tonneau and 18” forged alloys.

  • Electronic climate control
  • Remote window activation (via key-fob)
  • Heated 6-way electric adjustable driver seat
  • MyLink infotainment system with 8” touch-screen
  • Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB+) multi-media
  • 7-speaker audio
  • USB input with iPod® connectivity
  • Phone projection featuring Apple® CarPlay™ and Android Auto™
  • Embedded satellite navigation
  • Remote start (auto only)
  • Roof rails
  • Recovery hooks (front)
  • “Soft-open” tailgate strut
  • Hard tonneau featuring a “quick-release” mechanism & load-rail provision
  • Tub-liner (option)
  • Load Master (option)
  • Eye-bolt (option)
  • Load rack (option)

Special decals look great, but it is the side steps that are most useful. They are tubes with flattened sections that can be used as steps. Colorado is high-set, and the HSV version is 45mm higher at the front. There are internal grab handles too. You’ll need all the help can get is you’re of shorter stature.


Drive and Engine

The engine is ready, willing and able.

We’ve driven the regular Colorado many, many times. Read about it HERE, HERE and HERE.

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