Suspect Arrested by Police – Hunted and Fatally Stabbed LGBT Activist Elena Grigoryeva


NBC News has reported that a suspect has been arrested by police in relation to Russian LGBT activist  Elena Grigoryeva’s fatal stabbing which occurred  on July 20 2019. It is reported that Elana was listed on a website that rewarded those that ‘hunt’ gays with prizes.

Russian police have detained a suspect in a horrific hate crime in which Elena Grigoryeva was stabbed eight times in the face and back on the evening of July 20. The major crimes agency arrested a man in relation to the crime however during questioning another man was accused. Further investigations proved the suspects allegations to be true.

Elena Grigoryeva was murdered in what is proported to be a crime inspired by the movie ‘Saw’. NBC News reports that Elena had expressed to her friends she was worried for her safety. In the days leading up to her murder Elena was posting to social media trying to get the website taken down however it is alleged nothing was done by authorities.

There are reported to be rising tensions and hatred in Russia toward LGBT communities.