We are here to dispel a few hybrid myths.

1: Hybrids are weird to drive

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is exactly like any other car to drive.

2: All hybrids are the same.

No, apart from a pure electric vehicle like Tesla, there are 3 different Hybrid systems

Series, Parallel and a combination series/parallel like the one Toyota and Lexus use.

Put simply, some hybrids use both motors all the time. Others just use the electric motors to power the wheels with the petrol used on only to charge the batteries. That’s the way a diesel electric train works. Then there is Toyota’s system which is a combination of both

It used to be called Synergy drive, but that name was dropped and is now simply known as Toyota Hybrid.

The differences between the way they all operate are subtle, and a normal driver will never notice the difference.

3: Toyota hybrids won’t operate only in EV mode

False. It will operate in EV mode at up to 40 kph and at other times when cruising, even at highways speeds. The electric motor will also charge the batteries when braking of coasting downhill.

4: Lithium is a scare resource

Toyota uses Nickle Metal hydride batteries you stupid plonker.

5: batteries are expensive.

You don’t have to worry for the 8 years of the warranty but I’ve seen battery packs for around 3 grand.

6: Hybrids don’t lower emissions

False. 103 gms per k for the hybrids Camry VS 181 gms for the regular 4 cylinder models.

7: Hybrids are expensive

The top Camry is $44,333 drive away in NSW and the Hybrid is $45,363, so around $1,100 Incidentally the 3.5 V6 is $48,473 drive away. I drovce Camry hybrid recently. Read about it HERE.

8: hybrids don’t use that much less fuel

Fasle 4.2 L/100 VS 7.8 for the regular 4 cylinder for urban/highway combined figures. More importantly around town the figures are 4.7 for hybrid and 11L/100 for the regular car

9: Hybrids are slow

Wrong again. The hybrid has 160kw vs 133kw for the regular car, but the torque in the hybrid is available right from moment you put your foot on the accelerator.

10: Hybrids are boring


That’s something a hater says when all their other arguments have failed. I usually follow that vacuous question with “so, how many hybrids have you driven?”