2019 LEXUS RC350 F Sport Overview

LEXUS, and mother company, Toyota, said they no longer wanted to make cars that were boring.

Havne’t they done well? They’d rather polarise a jaded public, than bore them rigid as they had in the past. New LEXUS models have all sorts of creases, lines, and folds, to move the eye over the voluptuous bodies. Little diamonds give viewers a rest and admire, before moving on to the next jewel, and there are certainly plenty of those.

LEXUS launched RC Coupes 5 years ago with a lusty V6. It was joined the year after by the RC200t, a frugal 2.0L turbo 4, which was later renamed RC300. With 2 trim levels, Luxury, and F Sport, the range is short and sweet, very sweet.

In 2018, the range was sent off to surgery for a nip and tuck. Although subtle, the facelift made the previous car look a trifle jowly.

2019 LEXUS RC350 F Sport Exterior

2018 Lexus RC 350 F Sport

LEXUS put its money where it really counts, into the look.

RC’s hourglass grille now has complex lines forming a diamond pattern. Headlights are LED and stacked like jewels in an engagement ring. They’re dusk sensing, and with a light pattern that changes shape automatically so the high beam never blinds on-comers.

New 19” wheels on our range-topping F Sport makes the muscular coupe look both chunky, and fast, like the drawings we did on our books at school. Under the doors, a body kit flares out in a wind-cheating flourish.

LED tail lights are emphasised by a new black surround, with indicators nestled under a blackened lense. The entire rear end is deeply carved as if someone took to the clay model with a scalpel. The bumper’s lower valance is decorated with reflectors, chromed exhaust tips, and a diffuser. Final interest is added by a couple of blackened vents that look like they’ve been nicked from a fighter jet.

Doorhandles conceal the smart lock system under a small divot in its leading edge.

RC350 looks like a Transformer that got distracted halfway through his metamorphosis.

There are seven exterior colours for the Luxury variants, including the new Sparkling Meteor (blue). F Sport has nine colours, including four which are exclusive. They are: Lava Mica, Zinnia Yello