2018 McLaren 540C drive, Road Test, Review, and rating.


Subtle, discrete, quiet, said no-one ever about McLaren’s 540C.

It is lithe, nimble, quick, and light, but above all, fabulous. I could go on and on about the looks and feel, but there is absolutely nothing that will prepare you for the assault on the senses once the engine starts.

The company has sold 69 cars so far this year, and that makes them very rare. You’ll be very lucky to see one on the road, and other road users know this. Never have I received so much attention in any car I’ve driven, and I liked it.

Meet McLaren’s entry level coupe, the 540C. Yes, I said Entry level, and it is a snip at $325,000.

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Slung low over 19” wheels up front, and 20” at the back, the 80kg tub carries all of the forces generated by the turbo V8.

Monocell II is all carbon fibre and is just one of the exotic materials crafted in to one of the best-looking cars on the road.

The repeated motif of the McLaren “Swoop” can be seen in their logo. You can see it again on in the headlights, and around the vents, and inside on the doors.

From the side, you appreciate how much of the len