Long ago, LEXUS and mother company, Toyota, decided to make cars that people either love or hate.

They would rather people be polarised than bored to death.

5 years ago LEXUS brought us the RC 350. It was joined a year later by the 4 cylinder RC 200t turbo in 2015.

Since then the 200t was renamed. It is now the RC 300.


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This however, is the 3.5L V6 RC 350 which comes in 2 grades, Luxury, and F Sport. To tell whether is it an F Sport or not, Look for the F badge on the side. This is not to be confused with the RC F which is another kettle of fish altogether. I’ll put a link to that review in the comments below.

The metalwork is muscular. The body looks gym and rests on these new 19” wheels inspired by the LS limo and LC coupe.

The front end has a new grille but you have to be very particular to pick the difference. The hourglass shape has a complex set of lines criss-crossing it. This is all part of the non-boring bit I was talking about earlier.

The headlights are new and they too are inspired by the LEXUS flagship models. The complex LED arrangement is dusk sensing. They change the shape of the light with an auto high beam function so oncoming motorists aren’t dazzled.

The rear bumper has been redesigned, but sadly, the LOOK AT ME pop-up rear spoiler is still reserved for the thuggish RC F V8.

There are seven exterior colours for the Luxury variants including the new Sparkling Meteor (blue) and nine colours for F Sport including four which are exclusive – they are: