Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB9 (3)

Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Renaultsport F1 today secured their fourth consecutive Constructors’ World Championship title. In 2013, the hugely successful partnership has scored 10 wins, 8 pole positions, 10 fastest laps and 470 points to date.


It is the first time in over 20 years that a constructor-engine partnership has achieved such an unbroken run of success. In fact, only once in the history of the sport has a partnership achieved a similar feat (McLaren-Honda from 1988 – 1991).

For Renault, the title concludes the V8 engine era on a high note. The French manufacturer secured the first-ever title under the V8 engine regulations in 2006 with Renault F1 Team, and now comes full circle to win the final title. With five of the possible eight crowns and 56 wins (pre-Indian GP), Renault is now the most successful engine manufacturer of the V8 engine formula.

The 2013 title brings Renault’s total number of constructors’ championships to 12.

Jean-Michel Jalinier, President of Renaultsport F1, said, “Congratulations to all at Milton Keynes for an outstanding title win. Maintaining such unbroken success, in such a competitive environment, requires energy and creativity – and above all, a seamless partnership.

“For Renault, it book-ends the eight-year V8 era with championship titles, a brilliant reward for the continued dedication of the team at Viry. Even under the frozen engine rules every person has demonstrated resourcefulness and ingenuity to continuously improve the RS27. Amongst other innovations, we have taken great strides forward in reliability and driveability, plus fuel economy in close collaboration with our partner Total.

“However, above all it is the subtleties that have allowed our teams to optimise their own performance on track. There is no better reward than seeing the Renault RS27 power Red Bull Racing towards four consecutive titles, finishing the era on the high note the effort deserves.”

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault, said: “I would like to extend my congratulations to the teams at Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Renaultsport F1 for their championship wins, both this year and in the previous three seasons. We are proud of this joint history, which adds a further title to Renault’s standing as one of the most successful F1 engine manufacturers of all time.

“This drive and desire for success has inspired the entire workforce of Renault, pushing us ever forward. 2014 will be a greater challenge but we hope to replicate the wins with the Renault Energy F1 Power Unit.”

Renault’s F1 titles
1992: Williams-Renault (3.5 V10)
1993: Williams-Renault (3.5 V10)
1994: Williams-Renault (3.5 V10)
1995: Benetton-Renault (3.0 V10)
1996: Williams-Renault (3.0 V10)
1997: Williams-Renault (3.0 V10)
2005: Renault F1 Team (3.0 V10)
2006: Renault F1 Team (2.4 V8)
2010: Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4 V8)
2011: Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4 V8)
2012: Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4 V8)
2013: Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4 V8)