Infiniti has been around for a long time, but like Toyota’s LEXUS, has low sales figures. What is bad news for the car maker is very good news for those of us who like something with an air of exclusivity about it.

I’ll be honest: I once detested Infiniti styling. There, I’ve said it. But, not any more. I once thought the curves and lines looked odd, and the face presented by the grille, looked pudgy and rather silly.

What’s changed, well you may ask. The answer is simple: the drive.

Not only did I take the old girl for a spin around the block, any fool can do that, but a good run up in t’ country. We spent time together getting to know each other’s foibles. After being in the beautifully appointed cabin, the bodywork went from being difficult and odd, to curvaceous and voluptuous. The face went from looking strange and foreign, to exotic and expensive. How does this happen?

The sweeping lines of some of the Infinitis are shared by co-branding with Nissan. Q50 and Q60 share a long an illustrious past with Nissan’s laudable Skyline stretching back to the early 70’s.