Ford Puma isn’t cheap so does it rate the bucks?

There was a lot of too-ing and fro-ing as to whether Puma would make it to Australia. It did, and isn’t it a little sweetie? The 3-model range of Puma, ST Line and ST Line V is fairly well equipped.

It’s all cutsie-pie on the outside with an adorable little face, and a pert rump. They’ve followed this modern trend of turning a baby hatch into a baby SUV by pumping it up on steroids. Ford has all but abandoned the little-lamented passenger car market, and joins many other car makers in having a mainly-SUV stable. The only passenger cars left are the performance versions: Focus ST, Fiesta ST, and Mustang.

Puma follows Fiesta’s lilliputian proportions: 4,186-4,207 mm L x 1,805 mm W x 1,548-1,552 mm H, albeit a little taller. The 2588mm wheelbase isn’t going to make it a family machine but there is more than enough space for a trendy couple wanting something a bit different.

The on-road price of $39,891 (NSW) doesn’t include our options of Sunroof $2,000, Grey Matter paint with black roof $1,150,  and Park Pack $900. This takes the final DRIVE AWAY price $44,157 in New South Wales.

Download Brochure HERE: FMPMGT0419_2022.25MY Puma_eBro