We recently drove KIA’s new EV6 in and around Canberra, Australia’s capital, and arguably most important city. Our review will be out this Friday, so watch out for that one.

As the Kilometres clicked by, it highlighted an issue: although we knew charging wasn’t going to be our problem, it was going to be someone’s problem. 10 cars all on the same route chewing the same power at the same time, and running out of juice together is not my idea of fun.

Canberra is one city that would greatly benefit from having an EV fleet. It is compact, and mainly services government departments and their support infrastructure. Workers live locally, therefore most don’t travel the great distances seen in the 3 larger cities.

It is a surprise then, that the fastest charging is 50kw/h, and the majority is the much slower 22kw/h. meaning a 72kw/h battery would take an inconveniently long time to charge. Who has a lazy few hours to charge their car? That’s only convenient if you can do it at work, right?

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