Is Kia Seltos the Best in Class?

SUVs are positively running amok in town so KIA aimed the Seltos squarely at the hip and happening urban crowd, but does it fit?

To get the full Monty, we gathered the gaggle and got going.

The weekend warranted wonderful wanderings, with Casper, Max and Ethan joining me for a quick trip to Max and Ethan’s bucolic bolthole. There’ve been big changes since I was last there. 5 tiny cottages, once used by farm workers, have been relocated. Each touched my Max’s mum who has left teaching to take up decorating. She fancies herself as a budding land lady, and the cottages might well appear on Air BnB.

Drover’s Rest now has fields of solar arrays and wind turbines, nestled neatly by the vines in the next fields. It is a curious mix, where the new cohabits with the old. Max’s mum is keen on Kia, and at the risk of channeling Stiffler, she is pretty hot at everything she touches. She has exquisite taste so bought a couple of Kias sit sit alongside the ancient Rangies.

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