In Part 1, we covered the oily bits, and probed Toyota Supra’s nooks and crannies.

In part 2, We investigate important issues like what it’s like to drive, and will CarPlay be a thing?

What’s Supra like to drive?

Supra is as smooth as silk, cupping your man-bits lovingly in its tender care. When pushed, the raggedy edge near. It gently taps you on the shoulder with an “Oi mate, I’m about to lose my shit.”

We do not, under any circumstances want that to happen. so Navin and I kept things nice and tidy throughout. Also, the drops off the edge of the escarpment are so high, that if you happen off them, your clothes will be out of fashion before you hit the bottom. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)

Will Supra have Apple CarPlay?

We called Toyota on the electric telephone. Here’s what they said, “We have no announcements on Supra and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. We are working on it but cannot give you any time on when it will be implemented or how. “

Well, I never!

There are a few things we can suppose:

BMW has Carplay, which is wireless. You get 4 years free, or thereabouts. Then you have to pay a yearly fee if you want to keep using it. What is all this outrageousness?

What kind of bumbling fool made that decision? A base grade KIA has it for free, period.

We will watch you Toyota, like a boiling pot, and we will not be pleased if many per-annum shekels must shelled out.

Did we like Toyota Supra?

Yes Ma’am. As my old dad used to say, “it was a bottler”. That is, when he wasn’t saying, bonza, purdy, or spiffing.

It gets to 250kph, passing the 100 mark in just 4.4 seconds. That is a full 0.1 seconds faster than the much slower BMW Z4, Supra’s soul sister.

As you pull in to your drive and put her to sleep, you’ll find yourself turning to admire the curves, so please be careful you don’t go arse-over-tit.