EVeresting Challenge Aced by Jaguar I-PACE

What is an EVeresting Challenge?

It is a sequence of events where a number of runs up a steep road simulates Mt Everest at 8,848m

Why is it significant?

It was run at Great Dun Fell, in Cumbria, with 16.2 runs, each “gaining” 547m in altitude. Scotland is known for freezing, wet, moody weather and the climb gained popularity during COVID. Cyclists needed a release, so they created  ‘Britain’s Mont Ventoux’ as a nod to the Tour de France Alpine mountain stage.

Ev critics constantly berate EVs for their lack of range and inability to go distance without anxiety. Like ICE vehicles, they require infrastructure to go any great distance. To dispel that notion, EVs are now racing and outperforming their fossil-fuel cousins.