CUER Solar Vehicle ResolutionResolution at JLR Gaydon FacilitiesResolution and Jaguar Land Rover Support Vehicles at a Control Stop on Cox Peninsula RoadResolution Team Photo solar car


Jaguar Land Rover Australia is supporting a radical new solar car, incorporating Formula 1 design concepts, which will compete in this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The vehicle was designed and built by the Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) who will be up against 40 other teams from across the world. The CUER team of students will speed across the harsh landscape of the Australian interior starting 6th October and covering 3,000 km. The drivers will experience temperatures of 40c+ and will be trying to avoid bushfires, which nearly scuppered last year’s race. Australian road testing is underway because of the great disparity between local conditions and the UK. Jaguar Land Rover Australia is proud to assist the CUER team by providing support vehicles for the duration of the race program.

Replicating the temperatures (or even just the sun) of the race in the UK is no easy task. However, the team was provided with access to Jaguar Land Rover’s state-of-the-art environmental testing facility in Coventry, UK, where they could test the car’s cooling. Adequate cooling is essential for the performance of the space-grade solar cells, but equally important for the driver, who must endure 4 hours stints in the tiny cockpit. The team is also rehearsing for control stops (the WSC equivalent of pit stops), using experience imported from a number of F1 teams. The standards for changes at control stops are i