David Brown chats with Hyundai Kona’s designer, Kevin Kang

Kona is the smart new small SUV from Korean car maker, Hyundai.

The Hyundai Kona comes in

  • One body style
  • But in reality two different cars
  • 2WD Version comes with
    • 2.0 L 4 Cylindar petrol engine
    • Producing 110kW @ 6,200rpm of power & 180Nm @ 4,500rpm of torque
    • mated to a 6 speed Automatic Transmission
  • AWD Version comes with
    • 1.6 l Turbo 4 cylinder engine
    • Producing 130Kw @ 5,500 rpm of power and 265 Nm from 1,500 – 4,500 rpm of torque
    • mated to a 7 speed DCT
  • Four models in the line up
    • Active
    • Active plus Safety pack
    • Elite
    • Highlander

Its designer is keen to tell us about his inspiration for the look and feel. Not short of a word, Kevin goes into detail.

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