We REVIEWED the Hell out of the 2021 Kia Carnival.

It’s hard to make a bus look cool, but Kia’s new Carnival looks nearly as sexy as the new Sorento. It’s almost as if Sorento backed into a granny flat. The thing is vast.

When Carnival emerged from its covid-bound chrysalis , we reviewed it HERE.

The outside:

The cathedral-like interior is wrapped in slinky sheets of metal. Strategic use of extra-tough steel makes the cocoon a palace of safety, should the unfortunate happen.

Our Platinum V6 is the petrol version of the top model, and it my preferred pony. It has 19” wheels and electric side doors. The rear hatch is also electric, and adds a cool automatic function for good measure. The front doors and rear hatch magically open if a key is sensed. In fact, the rear hatch operates without any kind of human interaction, which can be surprising if you’re not prepared.

But, it isn’t the whizz-bangery under the skin, it is the ultra-modern design that turns a boy’s head. The headlight arrays, bejewelled with dazzling LEDs, sidle up to some clever side profiling, to make an 8 seater van appear a little less like a fridge on wheels. What is this alchemy?

Carnival proves transporting the team doesn’t have to look like a mass breakout from a borstal.