KIA reveals Australian EV6 details, including pricing

It’s taken a while, but here it is, KIA Australia’s much anticipated EV6 in more detail.

The market is now crammed with EVs of all sizes and prices, but most carry a considerable premium over their ICE-powered sisters. Such is not the case for EV6, because it doesn’t have an ICE sister.

The sexy looking large SUV is striking from all angles, and unlike many concept cars, EV6 is a concept that jumped off the screen and into production. Men with white coats and pocket protectors were banned from the room during the creative process, thankfully.

The shape is distinctive enough, but it is the LED lighting that is intentionally made to create a signature recognisable from any distance. Flush door handles are powered in GT Line, and the matte paint adds a touch of daring that would be a bugger to clean or repair.

The dedicated platform means the ground-up design doesn’t have to accommodate oily bits. The short overhangs, and long wheelbase, dedicate space to the cabin instead of an engine. There is no transmission tunnel, and AWD versions have front and rear motors, so no need for a drive shaft intruding into the cabin. The only thing joining them is an electric control system.

EV6 was on display during the Australian Open tennis tournament, and before you ask, although we were allowed to sit in them, an EV6 drive was ruled out of bounds. EV6’s were used to ferry players and officials in and around the event, with one being kept aside for Raffa himself. Oddly, the shuttle pilots now know more about the EV6 than Australian motoring journalists!

KIA have opted for a 3-stage launch process, with teasers,  gradual reveals, and “activations”,  to spark up a bit of interest. However, there are only 500 units on offer, and they will all be snapped up on a first come, first serve basis. Another alloca