Kia pro_cee’d GT (5)

This Year was a tough one for the auto industry, and sales have been patchy to say the least.

This year, our prestigious and much coveted Gay Car of the Year award goes to Kia’s Pro_Cee’d GT.

The finalists 3 were:

Mini 5 door, VW Golf Cabriolet and Kia Pro_Cee’d GT

Yes it is yet another sporty hatch but that is just the way things are. The Kia was chosen for its drive and looks as well as unbeatable price. A plus is Kia’s 7 year warranty.

Since our test Kia has added a model so the range now has 3 grades. We feel the Kia has not received the attention it deserves. We are convinced were a European brand to have released this same hatchback, that the story would have been very different.

The top two now have Satnav which was out one and only gripe. It is well worth a look.

Our congratulations to Kia and may all who sail in her have as much fun as we did.