Kia, Kia, Kia! A Humble entry level car maker no more. With this Cerato, Kia’s run up the charts continues. Cerato comes in 4 models, from the bare bones S, through the Sport, to the unimaginatively named “Sport+”, that has a PLUS after it, so it must be better. The top of the tree is the GT, with red bits, so it goes faster.

What has the new Cerato got over the old model?

Kia rarely puts a foot wrong. Careful planning by COO, Damien Meredith, has sown the seeds of a bountiful harvest, despite entrenched Australian brands doing so poorly that they simply died out. Shhh, don’t mention Holden.

Here is Kia’s genius “tortoise and hare” strategy paying off. They started slowly, made decent quality products, added value with a 7 year warranty, and backed it all with sympathetic, compassionate after sales service. What does all this mean, you may well ask? Quite simply, they’re words almost never heard in the auto trade.

Enter Cerato. Kia keeps to strict 6-year life cycles. Cerato is half way through meaning it gets some tasty treats to tart it up a bit. Here’s the crack, it didn’t really need tarting up. Cerato is already their best seller. Covid strip-mined every industry on the planet, laying waste to schedules, planning, travel, and manufacturing. That means promises made may not be kept. Put a pin in the for later.