2014 Kia Sportage

It’s been a couple of years since we last drove the Sportage (read about it here). We thought it capable and 2014 Kia Sportageelegant as well as being sexy and well equipped. Kia has so much confidence in their cars that they’ve added an extra couple of years to their already brilliant warranty so you now get 7 years peace of mind. As well as that, you get 7 years of capped price servicing and 7 years roadside assist, plus, a free service after your first 3 months.

The cheap and cheerful tag simply doesn’t apply to a company prepared to back their vehicles for 7 years does it? They’ve thought about your resale value too because these benefits are transferrable to the new owner.

The 5 star rating is the best we can currently have. So, not only do you have 7 worry-free years, but if the unthinkable prang happens you have the best possible chance of coming out of an incident in as good a condition as is possible.

There have been little tweaks here and there but the Sportage is still a brilliant car to drive and is still drop-dead gorgeous. I love it as much as I did when I drove it last time. My one and only reservation now is the 2014 Kia Sportagenew model is just around the corner, so would I buy the old model?

The new models promise much and to be frank from the pictures I’m still preferring the looks of the current car. I mentioned this to my man at Kia and he assures me I’ll love the new car and that it is even better in the flesh. A couple of the chaps have been over to the Mojave desert for a spin in the new car and they liked it very much. With the fabulous new Sorento recently getting all sorts of hurrahs, perhaps they’re right.

All I’ll say is this; the current Sorrento is a huge step up from the old model so I’m expecting the same from2014 Kia Sportage Sportage. If it delivers even a soupçon on that expectation I’ll be a happy bloke. It’s a perfect runaround and the AWD models give you enough chutzpah to attempt a little light off-roading.

I love the Sportage a lot, and always have. However if I was in the market now I’d want to see what the new one looks like before buying myself a runout model.

As always, I look for a car that can take a couple of small bags, and would look good with a handsome young couple, a gingham table cloth with picnic basket bunged in the back. Of course there has to be room for a mischievous puppy too. The performance is perfectly adequate and the handling excellent. I’ve no doubt the new model will have rack mounted steering and a smorgasbord of tasty new extras though. I’m truly torn.


here is the new model just to compare:

All New Kia Sportage gaycarboys (6)All New Kia Sportage gaycarboys (1)

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