21 3 2018

F1 drivers are a unique bunch. There is an aura of talent that pervades the room. The diminutive Hamilton sported a triple gold and diamond necklace and bracelet, and an earring with a diamond that could blind onlookers with carelessly placed lighting.

But the afternoon had a serious side despite the fun-filled remote-controlled car track set up in the mall.

Petronas (pronounced Petro-Nas) made its first foray into the Australian Consumer Market with the launch of its new Syntium motor oil with °CoolTech™.

This is the same oil used in Lewis Hamilton’s own F1 race cars.

Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI), Giuseppe D’Arrigo, said the oil added significantly to the cooling capacity of the engine.

“If it is good enough for Lewis Hamilton’s car, it is good enough for your car”, he said.

Load is added to a car’s engine in traffic, on steep hills, and when revving from take-off. Syntium has “strong chains” which maintain a constant viscosity regardless of temperature. This technology is unique to Syntium.

Petronas claims this as the main point to differentiate it from other oils on the market.

Syntium is claimed to be 63% more effective at transferring heat from the engine. Oil is not normally considered to be part of a car’s cooling system, but Petronas uses this as part of their collaboration with AMG race cars.

So confident is Petronas in their new product, they had international management at the launch at Melbourne Central on Wednesday. They stressed the premium quality and advanced features of their product but did not mention price.

Mr. D’Arrigo says 75% of all future R&D will be in reducing CO2. He considers this to be one of the most important aspects of motoring in future.

“In an era of electrically powered cars, petro-chemical companies are looking for ways to improve their own performance,” he said. As electric cars become more popular, the importance of oil will wane putting the old ways on notice.

Petronas recently opened a $60million USD research centre in Turin, Italy. It will serve as their global facility housing leading scientists and engineers for product development worldwide.

When asked what he uses in his own car, Lewis Hamilton said, “Syntium of course, in my GTS, but I mainly drive an electric Smart Car at home in Monaco. Parking is pretty awful”

“When I was young, I didn’t give much thought to the oil that went in to my car. But that’s all changed now”, he said.

To celebrate the release of the new oil, Hamilton competed against lucky members of the public in a radio-controlled Race. The crowd was surprisingly modest given the high-profile special guest.

Petrol heads clapped enthusiastically. Clearly the appearance of their idol overshadowed any mention of a humble oil, new or otherwise.