2018 LEXUS LX 450d Review and rating


If you think LEXUS LX 450d and 570 look spookily like Toyota’s Landcruiser, you’re right.

In fact, they are sister cars. LEXUS took the Toyota and gave it a bit of spit and polish. A huge spindle grille might work on the sleek front of sexy little IS sedan, but the story is very different on a behemoth like LX.

The range has only 2 models. The base model LX450d, and the top LX570. In addition, an options pack can be added to the LX570 for an extra $16,000.


Standard 20” wheels do nothing to disguise the hulking silhouette.

I mentioned the spindle grille, well, it comes up to my chest. LX is almost truck sized. LEXUS glued on a pair of dusk-sensing “adaptive” auto High Beam LED headlights too. The look eventually grows on you once you’ve been driving the LX for a week or so.