How cool is this?
the C1 by LIT



Is it a bike or a car or a scooter? It’s all of these and you’ll need a bike license to own one. Imagine commuting without the risk of getting wet yet having the flexibility of being able to go virtually anywhere.

Essentially the vehicle (which will cost about $24,000USD) is an enclosed motor cycle which balances itself. Yes that’s right ladies and germs, this thing simply will not fall over courtesy of a couple of thumping great gyros keeping it upright. It’s already in use in the Hubble Telescope and space station. How does it work? It spins but always keeps itself in the same plane. The inventor even went so far as tyig the C1 to an SUV and tried pulling the C1 over but with no success. The gyros put out 1762 Nm of torque which will keep the plucky little scooter upright even in a crash. When parked it is stabilised by 2 legs which lower themselves to ground level.

The interior features a Momo steering wheel with car likes features of airbags, sunroof, and seatbelts. It seems sensible to saw a car in half if most commuters only have one person per car. The inventor, Danny Kim, says he wanted to trim the fat out of our transport system. The vehicle is powered by two in-wheel 40kw electric motors including at least one high-performance Remy HVH unit.

An 8 hour charge will give about 320 k’s and you’ll get to 100KPH in about 6 seconds. The idea struck Danny after a near death experience and he was working on a Landover 90. It struck him that he was re-engineering a perfect SUV but what most people wanted, or needed, was something that would suit a city driver. The, after all, is where most ungainly SUV’s will be driven by people in Paris Hilton sunglasses barely able to see over the steering wheel.

The systems have double or triple redundancy so going sideways in front of a B-double simply won’t happen.

The Euro-culture of two wheeled driving should suit the C1, but perhaps a larger run would make the C1 just the ticket for crowded OZ capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisvegas. They say there’ll be enough room for take a chum along with you so perhaps a romantic picnic isn’t out the question. I wouldn’t mind one of these myself if the price was right.

No one remembers Sir Clive Sinclair’s pretty but silly X-1 pedal electric trike, but maybe Danny Kim is on to something.