Maserati Track Day

When Maserati says “track day”, you ask, “How fast”.

David is a careful man. He likes things to be neat and ordered. His home is neat as a pin, and his mind, orderly, more or less. So, can he cope with a day on a race track?

David took each each of the Maserati range out on the track, demonstrating his skills, or lack thereof.

What are they like on the Skid Pan

Much time was spent on the skid pan. David loves a skid pan as much as the next person, and says it is an excuse to “slide in safety”. They are not words I usually associate with David, who has the self-admitted  dexterity of a dinosaur.

He says track days are events you either love or hate, but you certainly won’t be bored. Things soon got untidy, even with traction control left on.. After a bit of deft handling, David got the big Maserati behaving and much fun ensued.

He flicked the Quattoporte around like it was a go-cart.

Are they any good Off Road?

The real surprise of the day came in the form of Levante climbing up and over the off-road course on standard tyres.

A gaggle of jaded journalists stood around, mouths agape, as the swarthy Italian pulled itself through the course without turning a hair.

SUVs are a thing, and Maserati knows this. As buyers continue to flock to the SUV offerings like a pensioners at a buffet, one brand after another invents new ways to hook wayward wallets.

David expected Levante to cope with the course, but not with such alacrity.

Are Maserati’s Nimble on a Track?

In a word, yes.

Levante shifted about a bit more than the sexy Granturismo. Coupes are low and sleek, but not as sexy as their topless sisters, according to David.

“The track days are offered by Maserati as a way for owners to get the most out of their cars.

If you are part of the Maserati fraternity you might be invited to one of their Ultimate Drive Day Experience and its free. In order to road test the experience, I went to one of these events at Sydney Motor Sport Park at Eastern Creek where we had the opportunity to have some fun and learn for expert instructors what the cars can do.

For example, power sliding on a skid pan, putting thought and science into cornering and with their Levante SUV, tackling a very rough and tricky dirt track. The second half of the day was laps around the GP Circuit in six different Maserati models. As befits a luxury brand, the day was catered for with style as noted by Glen Sealey the COO of Maserati Australia So for sure it’s a wonderful experience and it’s not your everyday track day. I mean we deck out the garages as if they were a premium Maserati lounge. We bring in premium Italian chefs to give you some of the best food that you can have in Sydney. They’re on the side of a race track. So it’s it’s far from just getting in the car and driving. It’s about meeting interesting people socialising. Good camaraderie and of courses great performance car. “