MG ZS 2018 Review and rating and Road Test


What do the letters MG conjure in your mind?

For most of us, it is probably a small open-top sports car. It will have wire wheels, a wood dash, lots of chrome, and style by the truckload. There’ll be a stylish driver in a jaunty cap, aviator sunglasses and isn’t afraid to hold up a convoy of traffic

As well as the stylish convertibles, MG made cool coupes, and sensible but posh sedans. Its successes were many and varied, as were its fortunes. After a veritable conga-line of hapless owners, including BMW, MG came under the stewardship of current owner SAIC. SAIC now produces MG cars in its Chinese plants.

So far, sales have been modest. Equally modest, is the range. There are just 4 models: a small hatch, a sedan, and two crossovers. The latter blurs the edges between a family hatch and an SUV. As much as we tried to resist it, the segment is ever expanding. SUVs of all sizes continue to lure buyers here and overseas. For those not yet caught in the web, what’s all the fuss about?


First, any relation to ye olde English cars ends at the badge.

There are two models in the range but it isn’t immediately obvious which is which. The top model “Essence” 1.0TI shares 17” wheels and roof racks with the 1.5T” Excite” base model. An entry level model called “Soul” will come soon.

Large projector headlights have manual height adjustment with “London Eye” daytime running lights. A large 6-sided grille is trimmed in chrome, and gives the front end a touch of class. I’m in favour of any extra bling.