Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis, CBE, FRS, RD designed the first Mini released 1959.

Alec Issigonis wanted an affordable city car that could take a family and all their stuff, and it was tiny. Sales were slow until pop stars and royalty made it a 60’s icon. It had to be cheap to run, fun to drive, and easy to park.

After a veritable cavalcade of owners, the brand landed with its current custodian, BMW in the year 2000, and that’s a good thing.

Although the shape hasn’t changed much, Mini is all grown up. It can no longer be called affordable, and like all European cars, comes with a vast range of personalization options. Like all Euro options, they are pricey.

Highlights for the midlife Mini update is the dumping of the Diesel in most models, and the addition of Mini Connected, LED lighting, and the touch screen navigation system with CarPlay/Android Auto.

Everything about Mini is funky, including the website and the really cool phone app.


Nothing much has changed on the outside.

To top it all off, there is a new Mini logo which looks like the old one to me.

For $1,200, you can option your JCW with Luxury Lapis Blue or Rebel Green.