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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Mitsubishi Motors are known for their SUVs and trucks.

1007, 2018

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exceed Review

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Its name might be long but the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exceed is a compact SUV. Following on from my last review of the Toyota C-HR (and not looking too dissimilar) the Eclipse Cross is another look at the ever more popular small crossover SUV. In my hands were the [...]

2606, 2018

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exceed Review

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Mitsubishi offers three versions of the small Eclipse Cross SUV, two with front wheel drive and one with all wheel drive. A CVT transmission is standard across all three  with 'steps' like a conventional auto’s gears. Eclipse Cross is a new model featuring a swag of advanced driver assist [...]

2206, 2016

<a href="">An Urban Safari in Mitsubishi&rsquo;s Pajero Sport</a>

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  Yes yes yes oh YES: Value, off-road performance, space, features Oh dear me no: rear end only a mother could love, slightly awkward entry to driver’s seat The march ever onward to a road fleet consisting almost entirely of SUVs of all sizes and shapes continues. We drove the [...]

612, 2015

<a href="">Mitsubishi&rsquo;s new Pajero Sport: Capable, smooth and packed with stuff</a>

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Mitsubishi was so confident its new 5 star rated SUV would kill anything thrown at it, they confidently plotted a course through sand, dirt, rock and gravel that most of us would have a hard time walking on. Firstly: Pajero Sport has nothing to do with Pajero, but rather replaces [...]

1511, 2015

<a href="">Mitsubishi&rsquo;s Outlander: Comfy and flexible.</a>

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Yes yes yes, oh YES: comfy seats, loads of kit, 7 seats Oh dear me no: floaty drive, CVT in petrol model, a bit pricey We drove the ASX recently, then the Outlander straight after. it is often a mistake to take an older model before a newer model. It [...]

311, 2015

<a href="">Mitsubishi ASX: Cute, not too precious.</a>

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Yes yes yes, oh YES: space, comfort, fairly well equipped. Oh dear me no: Noisy tyres, ride too firm We drove both the LS FWD 2.0L petrol with CVT and the 6 speed auto XLS AWD 2.2L turbo diesel and one thing is clear, the recipe works. The GS platform [...]

2710, 2015

<a href="">Mitsubishi&rsquo;s Triton is a real 4X4 SUV in every way</a>

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Many people forget tradie’s utes are as much an SUV as they are work horses. With 6 of the top ten car makers being Japanese, it is no surprise Australian’s scoops up their SUVs like kids in a lollie shop. Mitsubishi’s best seller is the Triton twin cab. It has [...]

1410, 2015

<a href="">Pajero Exceed: An analogue 4WD in a digital world</a>

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I’ve spent a bit of time in the Pajero before and enjoyed it, not because of what it was, but because of what it wasn’t. Let me explain: Most SUVs feel pretentious, especially the AWDs who think they stand a ghost of a change in a serious off-road beat-down. They [...]

1911, 2013

<a href="">Mitsubishi&rsquo;s Brawny Evolution Ten Adds Muscle to Handsome looks.</a>

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  Brembo Brakes left,Leather  Recaro Seats middle, TC SST double clutch auto Like: aggressive looks, stunning performance, AWD, sweet engine, super smooth auto(double clutch) gearbox Not so much: interior looking a bit tired, fuel consumption, ride too firm for some Outside: The Lancer Evolution is in the 10th generation which [...]

112, 2012

<a href="">ASX: Mitsubishi&rsquo;s snappy city SUV</a>

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ASX: A Cute Pint Sized SUV From Mistsubishi We tested the Peugeot 4008, the stable mate of the ASX earlier in the year and liked it very much. We thought it perfectly suited the active lifestyle with a rear cargo area is lined with material that laughs off wet clothes [...]