Rally Champ Molly Taylor Takes Emily for a dirty spin in Subaru WRX STI

Who is Molly taylor?

Many have never heard of Molly Taylor, so let me fill you in:

Molly blazed a trail, literally. Molly was the first female to win an Australian rally championship. Not only that, she was the first female to do it. That is a mountainous achievement in a sport that is dominated by blokey blokes. V8 Supercars have also been touched by Molly’s talented hands.

Her spookily calm demeanour belies an almost psychic ability drive, at speed, on tracks most of us wouldn’t dare go faster than walking pace.

Now in her early 30’s, Molly Taylor is an ambassador for Subaru.

What does a Brand Ambassador do?

In many cases, an ambassador is just an already famous face to stick on cereal boxes and glossy brochures. Face bling is great, but hardly worth then inches in print.

Molly takes her role a trifle more seriously than just being a social media magnet.

Schools receive expert road awareness sessions, and underprivileged children get individual top tips. Molly eschews the hands-off attitude in favour of mucking in.

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How about Molly’s Dirt Driving?

Molly is most at home on mucky tracks.

Her Subaru STI is a road-going car with one or two tweaks. The Subaru comes from the factory ready for a roll cage to be installed. Suspension is altered slightly to cope with extreme sports, otherwise it is what a customer could buy.

In 2016, Molly became the Australian Rally Champion, credentials which speak for themselves.

How did Emily Cope?

Who better to stick in a car with a race driver, than the office intern.

Emily remained calm-ish. In this video, Molly shifts through the gears as if she was on the way to Woolworths. The look on Emily’s face, and the view through the windscreen, show just how fast rally cars are.