Mophie wireless charging has Apple users seeing double.

Wireless charging is popular, very popular.

Many, many cars have wireless charging standard, but smart phone manufacturers have been slack about giving buyers the same facility at home.

Home wireless chargers have been a mixed bag.

We bought a Mophie single fast wireless charger, and it looked good at first. After a few days, its little foibles became obvious.

Trying to properly position the phone requires the precision of a brain surgeon, and the concentration of a chess grand master. Chucking your phone on the pad overnight may bring heartache otherwise.

The LED was poorly positioned at the bottom of the pad. One presumes it is there so as not to dazzle punters at night, especially if you charge by your bedside. While that’s all very laudable, it doesn’t help if it doesn’t do what it’s meant to.

Move forward a year to the new release sold through Apple stores, and Apple online.

The new wireless twin charger is the business. You can fit two phones, or your phone and AirPods. 7.5w faster charging is split if you use both charging bays. Charging overnight is the best option in that case. It charged the phone from 10% to 80% in about 20 minutes, and both to full charge in less than 40 minutes. Neither device was completely out of juice.

The top surface is shiny piano black, which is going to scratch easily. Airpods skate across it like Torville and Dean gone mad.

On the upside, there is a USB dock to further split the charge to plug in your Apple Watch. There is another dock model with a wireless station for your watch.

While iPhones seem tasteful and elegant, the watches look like a chunky 70’s throwback. For those with good taste, the twin pad will be ample.

The pad itself is very light, and the charging cord is more than enough at 1.5m. The power pack is a bit chunky so you’ll need a bit of space on your power board for it.

Mophie twin wireless charger is $129,95 from Apple Stores and Online.