One of the most delicious cars ever produced by Mercedes Benz. About half went to the USA but those wanting something a bit special can still buy a decent one here for the mid 30’s.

The optional hard top was something that most people thought to be a good idea. Most seen around town these days have them. Ideal for winter weather, the removable hard top can be left at home on trips in the warmer months. The soft top is concealed beneath a cover and can be opened quickly if Mr Rain comes a callin. The Mercs from this era had a certain aura about them that’s not since been recaptured.. The gracious lines continued in the larger sedans and Coupes but it’s the SL that is perfection.

They were not fast by any means, nor were they particularly economical but remember this was the era of glamour. To this day, arriving at lunch is a moment of great ceremony. Even the most modest of us feels like a film star and despite its advances years, still turns heads.

I’ve owned a classic Mercedes Benz and it’s true that they don’t drive like new cars. They don’t have ABS and although they were safe for the time, we have moved on. Drivers of modern cars are made better with nannies electronically correcting the every foible so going for a spin in an oldie is a liberating experience.

You’re never going to break records with the 2.8 130KW straight six pulling a rubenesque 1,300 kgs around but beating the land speed record is not why you buy and old girl like this.

What you miss in convenience you gain in style and glamour. That’s what I think, what about you?


Mercedes-Benz 230 SL pergoda  1964

230 SL 1964


File:1969-1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL (R113) roadster (2011-10-31) 02.jpg

1970 280 SL


280 SL Mercedes-Benz W113 inside

280 SL interior




1964 Mercedes 230SL Pagoda  boot space


230SL boot


Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda