Why are dashcams becoming so popular? Quite simply, you can’t argue with video proof.

NavMan gave us their drive duo to take for a test drive, and it was mostly good news.We had a little trouble with power cord so ran it on batteries only. We put this down to user error.

It is easy to attach to the windscreen with a suction cup.

It has an adjustable front camera with a wide-angle glass lense. it is easy to set up. Just point the screen towards the driver, and twist the camera until it’s in the right spot.

The cam records in 1080p and has SD storage for easy transfer of files to the desktop software. Files can also be transferred by cable.

The $279 unit combines both Satnav and Dashcam in a single wide screen device. There is an optional rear camera for $139, and we’ll show you why that is essential at the end of the video. The rear camera is best professionally installed unless you want cables draped through the cabin.

The screen needs a firm touch but there is voice control if you’d rather not fiddle with screens. Like most voice controls, it can be temperamental. We tried inputting several directions but the system demands commands in a very particular format.