The newest Navman offering well and truly lives up to the company hype. The large 6” screen is crystal clear with a fast touch response. Many units need a firm press get a reaction. Who hasn’t had to give their screen-mounted unit a good shove causing the unit to move in its cradle?

Drive DUO SUV Front mapThere are map updates for the life of the device which includes 123,000 kms of off-road tracks, point of interest, and importantly, new roads and tunnels. Navman says you should still confirm conditions in the traditional way if entering national parks where flooding, fire, and other such disasters, might cause stress on an otherwise fun weekend away.

Additionally, you are able to enter details such as the height of your roof box, or the length of your caravan to help aid navigation. This avoids sending you down roads where you may not be able to turn around. Imagine getting to a low pass or tight bend, and not being able to backtrack.

You can record your journey in the software, and film as much of it as the micro SD storage will allow. The crystal clear 2K camera acts as a dash cam and can be optioned with a hard-wired (1080p) rear camera.

The footage can be viewed on the desktop software and includes details such as G Force, location, and speed. Although this can’t be used in court, it could lower your insurance premiums. In the case of an accident, the cameras will record event details automatically, and a hard copy can be taken and emailed as a support document for your claim.

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