Ford FOcus ST 2015 gaycarboys (1)

Ford’s restyled and updated Focus now has a brand new front which we like very much. The aluminium engine remains unchanged and has 4 turbo charged cylinders and pumps out an insane 184 killer wasps with 360 torques.

The single scroll turbo and 150bar direct injection make the ST very very fast. The suspension has been upgraded with the rear having something called a control blade which sounds like something a Ninja might carry.

The slightly frantic interior has been given a makeover with a decent 8” touch screen replacing the outdated 4” screen.

Ford FOcus ST 2015 gaycarboys (2)

At $38.990 it’s a smidge more than the old model and we will be interested to see if Ford has sorted out the psychotic anti-torque-steer mechanism which made the previous model a handful under hard acceleration.

It has a relatively large 12m turning circle which won’t matter anywhere but in car parks.

A full review can be read in late June but until then here are a couple of pics and Ford’s promo video.

Ford FOcus ST 2015 gaycarboys (3)