2020 Nissan 370z 50th Anniversary Edition Flight or Fight?

To celebrate 50 years of the classic Z sports car Nissan has released the 2020 370z 50th anniversary edition. Its old school vibe is just nice and despite its sometimes negative critiques I found this car truly pleasurable to drive. 

That said I am not your usual car fanatic, I genuinely look for a driving experience and the 370z delivered for me. It’s true that this car is a throwback of a retro era. It is deliciously 70’s due to its well executed decal pack. 

In an era that we all want more from our cars, and customer expectation is such that each new generation has some new level of tech modernisation Nissan did miss the mark. However, the erotic rumble of the engine is a head turning magnet, from the tradies on the street to the city executive suits, the retro decals demand attention. It is true the sales on this car have been less than optimal, I see this as an opportunity to acquire what might be the last of its kind. 

We spent a whole week driving this car on open and scenic winding roads including, Mt Cootha, the Toowoomba second range crossing, and Mt Nebo located 45 minutes out of Brisbane, a great day trip away. I found myself becoming more and more fond of driving it. The car is noisy, you can really hear the road and the suspension is hard so its jaring. However all this is completely forgiven as you glide around tight bends with ease and grace.

The car features electronically controlled downshift rev-matching that just transforms the most inexperienced drivers into a pro. It’s my opinion that the 370Z has been overly criticized as too noisy, outdated machinery, when compared to other vehicles on the market. I say bollocks to all of that, there is something incredibly erotic and appealing about a retro fitted vehicle available brand new off the showroom floor. 

The price point has also been a bone of contention and subject of much criticism with a starting price of $59,000 for the manual, and $61,000 for the auto drive away. However I do sit and ask myself what price am I willing to pay for racing nostalgia.   

The headlights are nissans high intensity bi-functional xenons, they have a distinct boomerang shape and personally I find them sexy. The decals connects the bonnet through the side mirrors along the a-pillars all the way to the boot.

Talking about the boot it is small, your going to be able to fit a single hand luggage size bag and a small backpack. When the luggage privacy screen is drawn there was annoying rubbing sounds as the boot is very shallow.   

It rides on 19 inch black and silver alloys, featuring a red brake calliper, a red outer ring, and 50th anniversary bridgestone potenza tyres. The 50th anniversary 300z is based off the #46 BRE (Brock Racing Enterprises) Datsun 240Z that won the 1970 and 1971 SCCA National Championships in the US. 

The car is available in a two door coupe with two two tone versions, red and white, and silver and black. Along the side of the car, a thin line runs from the headlight to the rear glass, culminating in a small triangle inspired by the C-pillar of the Datsun 240Z. The 50th anniversary Z badges on the side of the vehicle light up when you indicate which is a nice touch.

I think nissan has done a really nice job of matching the colour scheme from the exterior to interior. The inside of the Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary is decidedly retro, featuring dash clock, Oil temprature, and Voltage gauges. Again retro analogue looking, the instruments include speedo 50th anniversary tachometer fuel and temperature gauges. I’m really sorry Nissan but orange is not the new black in this case, what were you thinking here.

The mesh on the seats incorporate the 50th anniversary wreath around the Z logo which is a really nice touch of class. There are red highlights on the shift knob and shifter boost, a 50th anniversary logo on the tachometer, and a dark chrome Z logo on the kick plates. 

The tech is dated, I would have expected a whole lot more luxury and surprises here, it’s all just a bit drab and underwhelming. The infotainment system should be state of the art and it just missed the boat, the plane and the horse and cart it came in on. The satellite navigation system was reminiscent of a Gregories or UBD, for those youngsters reading go ask mum and dad what that is! That said there is a big saving grace, Bose sound.

There is nothing new under the hood which is a primary complaint, the car is powered by Nissan’s 3.7 litre V6 engine, outputting 245kW of power and 363Nm of torque. News flash, you won’t be buying this car for its unremarkable 10.6L average fuel consumption.  

The 370z 50th anniversary model is truly built for the brand-loyal enthusiast, and with all the criticism I have seen to date, if this is you, I’d run to buy one, don’t wait this may just be your last chance, the joy of driving this car really caught me by surprise.