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What’s under the Bonnet?

Nissan’s well tried and tested 3.7 V6 with 245kw and 363Nm is a real goer. The time has arrived though, for a teeny tiny little turbo. 370Z has been around for over 10 years and needs a little something extra to keep it on the edge. What about it Nissan? C’mawn!

Our car, with a 6 speed manual, had rev-matching which transforms the downshifting to a smooth, race-like experience. A 7-speed automatic can be had for a $2,500 premium. It also has downshift rev-matching.

At $53,490 (MSRP) for the manual, and $55,990 for the automatic, the 50th celebration model is $3,500 over the normal coupe and considering there is no additional performance, the buyer might well ask if the sticker and fabric makes the badge a good buy or not.

How does it handle?

Z cars have always been a bunch of fun when they hit the road.

Much of the good stuff can’t be seen from the outside. Bracing and suspension keep the chassis tight. Rear wheel drive is predictable, and you can feel the rear end shift about as you hunker down in corners.

Ride is best suited to smoother surfaces, but the taught springs and lively dampers are as good now as they were in the earlier Z cars. There is just a hint of body roll in tight corners, and rev-matching allows late down shifting even if you’re coming into a corner too hot.

You keep on the power with the engine’s generous torque curve.

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Is Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Worth the Money

Nissan celebrated Z Cars 50th birthday with a special 370Z model dolled up with stickers and posh fabric.

What Extras are there on the Outside:

  • 50thanniversary badging features on the rear of the car and the surrounds of the indicators on the front quarter panels
  • White body with a red bonnet, a-pillars that connect through to the boot, side mirrors and two signature stripes on the side of the car (or)
  • Silver body with a black bonnet, roof a-pillars that connect through to the boot, side mirrors and two signature stripes on the side of the car
  • Along the side of the car, a thin line runs from the headlight to the rear glass, culminating in a small triangle inspired by the C-pillar of the Datsun 240Z
  • Updated 19 inch wheels, incorporating red rings

What’s on the Inside:

  • Red leather mesh on the seats incorporating the 50thanniversary wreath around the Z logo
  • Red stitching on the doors, knee pad, C Cluster and steering wheel – the latter also adding the red centre mark
  • There are red highlights on the shift knob and the shifter boot, plus a 50thanniversary logo.
  • A 50th anniversary logo on the tachometer
  • Dark chrome Z logo on the kick plates and a black finisher

Can you live with it day to day?

The boot is shallow and there aren’t a lot of cubby holes.

The centre console is quite high in relation to the seats so your coffee is going to have to be a small one if you’re not going to knock it with your elbow.

There are a couple of spots behind the seats for small bags, but since there are only two seats, you aren’t going to be carting around lots of stuff anyway.

Getting down into a sports car can be a bit of a trial but it is worth the effort.

There is enough boot space for a little light shopping, or a weekend away, and the rev-matching makes the manual a delightful experience. The gate is a little offset so watch those shift until you get used to it.

If you want an even smoother drive, spend a little extra on the automatic.

What Equipment comes with the 370Z?

The sound system packs a wallop and includes a touch screen with a vast bank of buttons. Onboard navigation is handy, but there is no Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. For safety, there are plenty of airbags, but there is no lane control, and the cruise control doesn’t have radar. Needless to say, there is no blind spot monitoring.

What’s the verdict?

As always, I love the old girl. It isn’t a fading pastiche, nor is it cutting edge. It is just a comfortable, stylish, gent’s carriage.

You get a look similar to the fire-breathing GTR at a fraction of the price.


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